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Largely based in London. Although Neutron has writters from various walks of life. Some of us travel Europe and the America's as we look for inspiration for our content. We collaborate with people and organisations across 3 major continents looking for ideas worth writting about.

Who We Are.

Neutron was founded by 3 people who spent an overwhelming amount of personal time deeply discussing and debating tech and science focused ideas and subjects between ourselves and with many a stranger, likeminded or not, online. We just can't shut up about all the the wonder, fear, anxiety, power and potential these ideas and realities are ever more playing a larger part in how we evolve as a species. A programmer, data scientist and artist from South Africa, Portugal and Denmark looking to share and convey interesting ideas.

Our Mission.

Instigating healthy discourse and deep thought on where tech and science are taking humanity - that's our mission. Unpopular opinion or mainstream point of view, we're open to writing about it all and taking an opinionated position at times for a little extra spice and contrarian thought at times too. The end game is to build a community, and add vlaue to those already existing, that focuses on enabling the advancement of tech and science through sharing good ideas and collaboration. What better place to start than to share great content inspiring this behavior!

Our Vision.

Imagine a community actively working on questions like 'How do we tell people about this?', 'What's next?', 'Maybe we should think about this?' or 'How does this help humanity?', when looking at advancements in the tech and science sphere. We'll start and the vision is that others will join, making a real impact on the community as a whole. We want to create a space where writing about true impact is seen with rose-tinted glasses. A place people go to for fact-checked information and updates on everything tech and science.

Our Values.

We won't compromise on quality over volume. We also don't believe we're the only ones who have something interesting to say. Sticking to our values means collaborating on subjects with meaningful intent. Ultimately objectivity and being true to the research wherever possible is something we will always aim for. We want content that is properly fact-checkedand always references the papers and sources on the subject in questino, wherever we can. We love this planet and the people in it(most of them anyways) and this is our way of making the world a better place.

About Neutron Salad

Neutron Salad is a news, information, and discussion hub. We focus on how the advancement of technology and science is changing the world for better or worse. Founded in 2022, we offer our audience everything from breaking news, and technology reviews to long-form feature articles and discussions. Our content is designed to instigate deep thought and discussion on the future of humanity and how science and technology affects it.

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